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We have compiled a list of common questions regarding our business to that will assist you in taking the next step to restoring your early Porsche.  Any other questions or if something isnt clear contact us here and we will be happy to help

Q: Do you offer estimates and if so how much do they cost?


A: Our estimates are usually between 30 mins to 1 hour and are free of charge.


Q: How am I billed?


A: A secure deposit is required at the start of every project, and final payment due upon completion. Invoices will be provided and a project agreement covering all details.


Q: Do I pay sales tax?


A: Yes, sales tax is charged in the state of California, currently at 8.00%


Q: How long on average does a full restoration take?


A: This depends on the scope of the project, the complexity of custom work involved.  A full restoration can take on average a month or more, whereas some minor interor repair can be done in as little as day.  Timeframes will be covered in the in-depth consultation


Q: Can I help restore my car?




Q: Do you do partial or progressive restoration?




Q: Can I find and buy my own parts during restoration?




Q: Can I make installment payments for restoration projects?




Q: Do you do all the work in-house?




Q: How can I receive updates on my project?




Q: May I contact some of your previous or existing clients?




Q: How do I get my car to you?




Q: Do you offer storage options?



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