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Bring in your early Porsche and receive any of the following:


  • Carpet kits- We offer Two options with regards to our Carpet set service.  The first is the in-house project where we use all under insullation.  For your convenience we also sell Carpet set kits ready for self installation.

  • Headliners- We do in house installation of  headliners where we use all original German materials.  We also sell pre-made Headliners ready for self installation. 

  • Dashes-  We restore, recover and repair dashes, from edges to cracks and more.  We use high density foam with a vinyl or leather cover.

  • Seat covers- We restore seats in house using all new padding, we repair and check all seat mechanisms. and install the new cover.

  • Seat rebuilding- We re-tag any broken bolts, install new foam and padding, check and repair frames.  We also sell seat cover sets ready for self installation.

  • Steering wheel recovering-  We restore the sterring wheel covers using original hand stitching technique and all leather materials.


We also do complete in house full restorations.  Recently Autobahn Interiors started custom designing aftermarket sport seats for our clients.  We sell these directly from our warehouse and on eBay.


For a more in depth account of what steps are involved with our restoration and recovery services call and speak with Tony Garcia.

Return Policy - We strive to satisfy each of our customers! We will gladly exchange or repair any product that is not made to your satisfaction within 30 days of receiving your order.  No refunds on custom work or special orders.  We will not be held responsible for items left in the shop for over 30 days.  Items left in the shop for over 30 days are subject to storage fees.


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