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Is the Porsche 911 the best design ever...?

The Porsche 911 made its debut just over half a century ago and for that era in 1963 was considered a radical piece of automative design. It featured a rear mounted air cooled Six cylinder engine. Since the launch of this automative masterpiece very little has changed with regards to the design. The '911' bears a striking resemblance to the earlier '356' model. At breifings prior to launch it was indicated that the 911 will be offering more space inside. Even luggage space was added large enough to accomodate golfclubs, which no doubt pleased many of the drivers out there who lead that luxurious lifestyle. There have been careful updates made since, especially after the turbo collection made its way onto the production line. For example a water-cooled engine, four wheel drive on some models, Targa and convertible variants and last but not least an array of creature comforts expected by those who drive such luxurious vehicles. Without a doubt based on its performance and appearance the 911 has and always will be a style icon for celebrities and famous people alike. Current drivers such as movie guru Tom Cruise, the late John Lennon of the Beatles, Jerry Seinfeld of the Seinfeld Show, world famous soccer star David Beckham and even Californias's own governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can be seen cruising around in a Porsche 911. The late Steve McQueen owned a Porsche 911 that was driven in the famous racing car movie "Le Mans" that was said to have fetched a whopping 1.375 million dollars at auction!! We would love to here your thoughts on the best Porsche ever!

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