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Porsche Name Not Just For Cars

The Porsche name is recognized around the world for its luxurious sports and race cars. However did you know that the name has been linked to many fascinating projects over the last century both on and off the road. We have compiled a few of our favorite Porsche fun and interesting facts.

Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the company was responsible for creating the world’s first hybrid electric vehicle in the year 1899. It was named the “ Semper Vivus” was essentially an electric car, which housed a combustion motor used as a generator. It was also the first car that had brakes on all four wheels.

Ferdinand designed the Mercedes Benz type 80 to be the fasted car on earth. Its projected speed of 470 mph in 1939 would have annihilated the land speed record. Due to global events at the time the car was never given the opportunity to make the records run. The astonishing 470 mh mark was never even approached until almost 25 years later.

Did you know that the prancing horse on the Porsche Crest is very similar to that of the one used on the Ferrari logo. Now for Porsche, use of the horse makes sense as it ties in with the actual coat of arms belonging to the city of Stuttgart, Porsches home. However Ferrari adopted their version of the crest due to an Italian Fighter pilot who was shot down over the city of Stuttgart ( Germany ) during World War II, the ace’s mother told Ferrari to use the horse as good luck.

Many of the early Porsche automobiles were made with bodies by the brand Recaro, who as I'm sure many of you know design and make the sport seats, and are today one of the world’s premier seat makers. Reutter Carrosserie Werke manufactured car bodies and interiors, and contracted with Porsche to make the 356 bodies. Porsche swooped in around 1960 and purchased the body-part making of the firm, and they since changed the other part of their company to just Recaro.

That’s all for now early Porsche enthusiasts and thank you for reading!

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