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Sports seats galore!

There is a considerable amount of work that goes into one of the specific parts of our restoration process, and that is the seats, both covers and installation. Going forward we would like to start sharing close up shots of the intricate details that go into every stitch on every seat cover, the prints and fabrics used and the workmanship.

It is a detailed process when preparing seats for our clients. Firstly the covers are taken apart so the base metal can be thouroughly cleaned, including rust removal. Then we re-shape the foam back to the original factory style. They are then put back together in their original factory appearance.

Autobahn Interiors also makes aftermarket custom sport seats. This involves starting from scratch all the way down to the frames. These frames are manufactured in house and then the process is much of the same as mentioned above. Using skilled restoration measures the covers are then added to the frames.

Below are a few pictures of the seats we offer, and that are available for purchase directly from our warehouse, or through eBay for our out of state and international clients.

Red Leather 1982 911 Turbo / Coupe with perforated inserts:

1973 911 s Recaro Sports Seats - German Houndstooth with original German Vinyl:

1976 Original Blue leather for 76 911 Turbo with perforated inserts:

Pictures of our custom made aftermarket sports seats will be added soon!

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