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Navigation system in a classic Porsche?

For those of you that love the look and feel of driving an early classic Porsche, but miss some of the modern day features a newer car comes with, well it seems Porsche has a solution!

The radio and navigation unit is designed by Porsche so it fits perfectly into all models with a single din radio slot. Another thing to add is that because it comes from Porsche directly it will match and blend in with the interior, unlike an item purchased from a third party. This version also adds an SD card slot and a Bluetooth to the mix.

This is a fine example of combining new attention with older products. Of course for some, the thought of adding a navigation system to a classic Porsche might be almost offensive for use of a better word, but to others it may just be the icing on the cake.

The unit comes with a hefty price tag of 1194 Euros and has been released in Germany, with a US release scheduled for some-time in the future.

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