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Autobahn Interiors in the press!

Autobahn Interiors are excited to be featured in yet another magazine this month. This time the article is from 911 & Porsche magazine UK December issue. The article is about the restoration project on a 1972 narrow bodied 911t. This was a large project involving many Porsche body, engine and of course interior experts!

This cream cracker with mellow green stripes is packing some pretty impressive additions, a 1977 European Spec 3.0 litre 930 engine complete with K27 turbo and 964 camshafts!

The color of the car is Chrysler "cool vanilla" overlaid with Ford "kiwi Green Stripes", that are painted rather than decals. San Diego veteran Tom Amon is responsible for rebuilding the 930 engine and 915 transmission approximately 15 years ago. Other modifications that were added around the same time were the dual outlet exhaust, new bilsteins, anti roll bars, rear torsion bars, ball joints, steering rack, RR rods, plus 964 front brake calipers with a 22mm master cylinder.

After you are done admiring the exterior work and the engine we then see the inside and your eyes are treated to another aesthetic feast! Autobahn Interiors put in GTS Sport seats in Green Leather upholstery, and we clad the dash top and door furniture in similar colors and the carpet is German Square weave matting.

This was truly a remarkable car to work on and the finished work completed by all parties involved looks fantastic.

Below are pictures taken of the car in the magazine article

Photography rights goes to Anthony Fraser and the original magazine article credit goes to Johnny Tipler

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