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"Best of the Best 2014"!

A while back Autobahn Interiors worked on a 1967 Porsche 911 "S".

The restoration was a success and we were featured in Classic Porsche magazine United Kingdom November / December 2014 edition! The article is called Best of the Best and we are very excited about making headlines across the pond!

This particular model has quite a story behind it. The car was originally completed in October 24th 1966, finished in Irish Green with Black leatherette interior. It was then sold by a dealer in Hamburg, Germany to an anonymous buyer,and remained in Germany for little over a decade. Then in 1977 it was bought by an American from New Jersey who had the car shipped out to his home.

For the next 20 years the car stayed in the USA but the condition had declined, until 1998 when due to its desirability it was sought out and purchased. The car suffered some body damage from a run in with a snow-plough but then not too long after a deal was struck the restore the Porsche.

The first portion of work was done in an Oregon workshop. There in Bend, Oregon, the exterior restoration was done by Tim Morris with German Master Tech. With over 30 years of experience the Porsche was in good hands with Tim Morris. Many more companies along the way were responsible for the complete restoration of this rare model, some locally to us here in San Diego such as Queen City Plating, and for the interior , yep you guessed it, Autobahn Interiors were chosen to give the car a new life on the inside. We are honored to have been selected to work on such a highly sought after model and cant't wait for the next one!

*The pictures added here are from the Classic Porsche UK magazine November/December issue and photography credit goes to Michael Ward.*

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