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1 of only 2 in the world!!

This week we are very excited to have been hired for a recovery and repair project on a very rare 1995 993 Porsche Speedster. There are only 2 of these models in the whole world! The car is featured in many magazines with one article titled "Ultimate Speedster", another calls it "Need for Speedster"and a thrid speaks of its rarity stating simply " One of None!" It truly is a beauty, Red exterior with Black leather interior, the epitomy of a classic sports car.

Tony Garcia of Autobahn Interiors was sourced and chosen to personally oversee the project based on his reputation to deliver results, his proven experience and attention to fine details on every project that has come through the doors, and those are exactly what this particular Porsche needs.

The project will involve a full recovery of the seats in Black leather with Black leather perforated inserts and to compliment the exterior we are adding red stitching. THe dash will be recovered in Black leather, the door tps also and the final portion of the work will be an adjustment to the convertible top frame. To review the details and background story regarding this one of a kind Porsche pictures of the magazine have been included in this blog as well as links to the back issues below online.

9 magazine issue-

Excellence Porsche Magazine issue 181

We invite you to check out some pictures of the very early stages of the project below:

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