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Porsche 911 And Fifty Years Of Evolution

The iconic Porsche 911, said to be the best model ever made has reached over seven generations and now over a fifty year lifespan. It has changed with the times and technology but impressively without diluting its DNA. The Porsche 911 has evolved from the 911 classic, to the G-Series, 964, 993, 996, 997 and current 991. Of course to be expected after such a long life there have been major changes, of which quite possibly the most bold was the switch from air-cooled to water-cooled motors in the 996 series.

Check out the footage of One of the models from the 1960's being driven around England's Silverstone race circuit on a snowy wintry day. Just look at the handle of the earlier models!

*Original content , details and video sourced from Autocar and their Youtube channel. Credit goes to Autocar fro Video*

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